The past year and a half, I have had some huge challenges, both with mental and physical health.  Despite those challenges, I chose to remember that I LOVE my Life and the work I choose to do, but can sometimes feel overwhelmed and even a bit resentful of the time I take to empower other people. I’m sure I am not the only one who feels “out of balance” between work and play.

I wanted to share how easy it is to schedule a bit of “ME” time and come back feeling like a Million dollars.

You may think this is an impossible feat .. but I KNOW that it is not. I do this all the time. It simply takes Read the rest of this entry »


Everyone once in a while we come across a video that makes us smile or laugh, and we take the few minutes to enjoy it and then let it go. 

    This Video was Different … it kept coming back to us via Facebook and emails from friends.  Each time, we felt compelled to view it, and each time it brought goose bumps and a tear (or two) to our eyes.  

  This morning we realized, that we need to share it forward to others, and with it, the 3 Steps how you can also Score Big in your own Life.  How do we know?   We took the same 3 steps and despite health challenges, some personal adversity and life’s everyday “moments” that create challenge,  we still LOVE our LIfe .. so we know, that if we can do it, you can too!

Watch the Video now:

The 3 Steps that we took:

1)  Concieve …. We thought about what we wanted to have in our life, we thought about what it would mean to us as a couple and to our extended family.  In short we conceived the idea of what we wanted to Be, Do and Have in our life.   

2)  Believe …. We believed we could do it.  We felt it in our hearts.  We KNEW and BELIEVED that if we were to FOCUS on what we wanted, we could achieve anything.    

3)  Achieve ….  We take the steps forward to Achieve our goals ~ sometimes with absolute blind faith, and truly not a clue of “How” .. we simply took the first steps towards what was wanted.  We would go as far as we could see, then we would adjust the plan.  Sometimes this meant asking for help, or learning a new skill or taking another blind leap of faith, knowing that if we believed in what we were doing, it would all work out.   We learned the phrase “Ready, Fire, Aim”… meaning, get out there (Ready), start something & see if it works (Fire) and then adjust (Aim), until we hit our target.

We believe the young autistic hero in this video used the exact same process, perhaps without even being conscious of it!  

1) He knew he wanted to be part of the team, so he joined up in the capacity that was available to him

2) When he was given his opportunity to join the team in a game ~ he was Ready … he believed he could shoot a basket and Fired …. he then re-adjusted his Aim and fired again and again.

3)  Achieved – he was ready to play, he jumped in and played with all his heart.  He fired away his 1st shot or two, then he corrected and Aimed again which led to his momentous success. 

The Success he found was not only for himself (I can’t imagine what a life changing experience that was), but for his Team and quite frankly for the Success of others who have been able to watch this video and feel inspired. 

We hope that you will Start Today, take the steps you feel are right to create your own Success!

Warm thoughts for all that makes you happy,

Jeff and Norma



The following is a Blog that was sent to me by T. Harv Eker, back in 2011 – I wanted to share it with you as well as add my opinion – see the end – , I would love to hear your thoughts

Success Takes More than Skill

October 21st, 2011 by T. Harv Eker

Two hamburger joints open back in ’67 … we’ll call one Bob’s Burger Shack. Great hamburgers! The other shop is McDonalds. The rest is history, yes?

Were Mickey D’s burgers really that much better than Bob’s?

 I mean, really … how hard is it to get a burger right? Even Ray Croc himself admitted this to eager business school students he lectured in his lifetime. He’d ask them, ‘How many people in here can make a better hamburger than McDonalds?’ Everyone would raise their hand because everybody’s made a tasty burger before, at least tasty by their own standards. But then he’d ask, ‘How many people make more money than McDonalds?’ Naturally, all hands dropped.

 It’s a simple yet eloquent demonstration that it doesn’t matter whether you have a better idea, a better product, or a better service. In business, the only thing that matters is getting that product, idea, or service out to as many people as possible, and/or at as much profit as possible.

It’s the learning curve of the entrepreneur—amassing the skills necessary to take what you have to offer to a mass audience profitably, Read the rest of this entry »


I truly believe that how we speak, to our selves and to others has a lasting impact.

A long time ago, I came across this Youtube video and I wanted to share it with you.

It is a very short video which illustrates how to radically change your message and your effect upon the world.

Would love to hear your comments!




20140307_221425 (2)We recently traveled to Phoenix to spend time with Robert Kiyosaki and the Rich Dad Advisers.  The invitation only event was based on the book “The Crash Course”.   Author Chris Martenson and his biz partner Adam Taggart took part in the activities.  While the book was a great read – and very enlightening, it was at the weekend where we really learned the lessons of what is to come.

One of the messages we truly understood from our weekend event, was this.  What is going to happen in North America (and perhaps the world at large) has already happened elsewhere.  Learn from the past and prepare for the future.

After returning home, we ordered the book “Surviving the Economic Collapse” by Fernando Aguirre, which was recommended to us by Robert.  This book is the author’s personal account of what happened in 2001 when the Argentina economy collapsed, and what happened up until the book was written in 2008.  There is a LOT of practical information in the book – it may not be “pretty”, but was extremely valuable to our learning.

Jeff and I are now in the process of taking steps to not only survive, but to thrive in the coming years.  I feel so very strongly that the Credit Bubble is about to burst that I wanted to share the first steps of Survival with you.

Step # 1 – Get out of Paper Assets

Move your money from all paper asset classes possible.  This includes money in RRSP and LIRA and Pension accounts that are not self directed; particularly if they are in Mutual Funds of any kind.

Why? – The stock market will be the first to crash.  You will NOT have time to move your money out.  Your pensions, mutual funds etc will be decimated.  Historical graphs show the stock market crash of 1929 was but a mere mole hill of a drop, compared to where the stock market is today.  Do NOT follow the crowd, blaze a trail that is smarter than the average cow.  Moo should not be in your vocabulary.  Note:  Your financial advisor is likely to try and talk you out of doing this.  He/she only makes money when you move your money within their system, not when you with draw it.  Make your own decision, it is your money.

Step #2 – Collect Cash at Home for Day to Day Needs

Withdraw enough cash to run your household for 4 – 12 weeks and hide it away somewhere safe.

Why? – In every country that has had a major collapse, the banks have shut and locked their doors for a period of time.  There will be a run on the banks for people to withdraw their money, and the banks simply do not have enough money to fulfill their obligation to those who made deposits.   For their survival they lock their doors and then when they do re-open, they, and/or the government will substantially restrict the amount of cash you can withdraw on a daily or weekly basis.  Long line ups will become the norm.

MOST LIKELY – Your ATM cards and CREDIT Cards will also NOT work, as they are tied to the banking systems … having cash will be important in the early stages of the crash.  Having assets to protect your wealth will be critical later in the Crash.

Step # 3 – Buy Tangible Assets

With the money you had in Paper Assets or GIC’s, Certificates of Deposit or Savings and RRSP’s – Buy tangible assets such as real estate, gold or silver.  If buying Gold or Silver, do not keep them in the banks Safe Deposit Box.

Why?  Tangible Gold and Silver Coins and bars will hold their value and grow substantially over time.  Keep them out of the bank – In 1933 in the USA, if you had anything in a safe deposit box, it was a requirement that the Internal Revenue Service be present when you open the box (so they could get their share of tax money from you).   I would suggest that this action is likely to repeat itself.  You can purchase your own in-home safe, or pay for storage fees at a private business such as Brinks or Loomis.

Step # 4 – Stock up at Home

Stock up on food and water as well as any medications etc. that your family requires.  There are different schools of thought on how much to stock on, however my theory is this ~  If you stock up on food that is basically non perishable, to a level that makes sense for you both economically and for peace of mind, you will always be in a good position.  You can then start to use up your supplies, and replenish on a weekly or monthly basis so that everything you buy or use is consumed on a regular basis.

Stock up on both food and non food items – they will each become expensive and hard to find.  Excellent food choices include dried pasta, rice, canned goods (don’t forget proteins such as fish, meat etc) fruit, vegetables etc.   Don’t forget to stock up on things like toilet paper and feminine products as well!

Why?  Most stores have only enough stock in place for 4 – 7 days worth of sales.  When the crash happens, there will be a run on all supplies.  The price of fuel will go up, trucks that deliver goods will be delayed (do they have cash on hand to pay for their fuel if the ATM or Credit Card machines go down??).   ALSO – the price of everyday goods will rise very quickly.  History has shown that prices can rise by the hour.  Being prepared for the worst is never a bad idea.

Step # 5 – Learn how to Grow Food

If you live in an area with a winter climate – really stock up on canned goods, but use the summer growing season to take the burden off of cost and availability.  Even a small patio can grow containers of tomatoes, lettuce, kale, etc.  Every bit helps.   Why?  Food will be expensive and fresh food will be hard to come by, since the majority of our food is not purchased or provided within 100 miles of where we live.

Step # 6 – Stock up on Seeds

Unfortunately few people grow gardens at this point in time.  Seed production will take a while to ramp up after the economy crashes.  Stock up now on the seeds of the plants you intend to grow.  Ideally stock up on “Heritage Seeds”, which can be used to gather seeds from for next years’ crops.

WHY?  Heritage Seeds are hard to find and will become very valuable over time.  Many existing seeds that you buy off the shelf are treated so they will grow in the year planted, but generate seed that is sterile and will not be able to be used in the future.

What to do # 7 – Build a Community of Like Minded People

Find and develop like minded people who will support and encourage your survival plan.  Get to know your neighbors, your extended family, and start talking to your professionals (doctors, lawyers, accountants, plumbers, electricians etc) that are within your existing network and learn more about them.

Why?  For starters, people who have a similar belief system and who have a positive mindset are a lot more fun to hang around with and will be supportive.  They do not suck your energy away.   It’s good to know who you can call, and for what purposes, if you find yourself in a pickle.  Make sure they know what your skill sets are that you can offer in return.   People that can stick together will weather out the storm much easier than any single individual will.

Steps to THRIVE

When we first starting really learning about the seriousness of the “Credit Bubble” and what it means to North America (including Canada); what was likely to happen and how quickly we, and others much smarter than us, believe it can happen (likely anytime between November 2014 and 2017).   Jeff and I kind of went into a bit of an all consuming phase and a little crazy with our thoughts.  It was all we could think and talk about for the first few weeks.

We have since learned to not fear the impending Economic Crash but to embrace it for what it will be.   This event will be the greatest opportunity for wealth transference in the history of the world.  We are now preparing for the immediate impacts as well as setting up to take advantage in the future, and encourage our readers to do the same.


Google the video “Meltdown America” and watch it with a few friends – approximately half an hour

Buy and Read the books “The Crash Course” by Chris Martenson and “Surviving the Economic Collapse” by Fernando Aguirre

Check out the website  –  They have excellent blogs, up-to date information and if you find them interesting, an annual newsletter to which you can subscribe.

Start reading and watching the news and news reports with a different eye.  Watch for the signs of the collapse and take action that makes sense for you.

If you are interested in Real Estate, but do not want the hassles or headaches, talk to us.  Jeff and I are always looking for good people to partner with!  We are NO PRESSURE people, and have an excellent track record of real estate investments.




Gratitude and Partnerships

I thought I would take a little different twist this month, and relate a recent incident that happened to me, that made me so frustrated I could have screamed, yet a moment later a huge belly laugh was the result.

Jeff and I enjoy a lifestyle that we have worked very hard to obtain. We own multiple properties and have invested heavily into our own personal growth (books, workshops, camps, courses) as well as into our rental properties. I mention the personal growth, as it is from this education and experience that I was able to take a very frustrating moment and instantly turn it to gratitude!

During the holiday season, Jeff and I were able to spend the entire week around Christmas, hosting family and friends. After everyone had packed up and gone, we were able to travel to Candle Lake in northern Saskatchewan to spend time with our friends. None of that would be possible, if it were not for our real estate investments and another my other business that I started last summer (see my last blog for more info) Both businesses have partners and a team approach, so we can structure our lifestyle to be flexible.

On January 1st, with a temperature of – 33 Celsius, we went ice fishing. I was feeling very grateful to Jeff and our friend Ted, as his wife Susan and I sat in a warm truck while they prepared the ice fishing shack. As we waited Susan and I chatted about how fortunate we were to have such good men. Finally, the shack was warm and toasty, the ice fishing holes were drilled and hooks were baited. They waved us to shut off the truck and come into the ice shack. At the last minute, I decided to bring my phone in, to keep track of time and to take pictures of our soon to be prized ice fishing catches. Life was good.

Within 3 minutes, Ted had caught the first fish! Excited, I took a couple of pictures and began to jig my fishing line in earnest.

Just a few minutes later – my phone whistled to notify me of a text. I took the phone from my pocket and read the text from a tenant. I was a little annoyed, after all, I was on holidays, and when I read the content of the text, I became more frustrated. You see, this tenant lives VERY inexpensively, and is a bit needy. Her text was a very trivial matter that could have waited and in my head, I thought of a very “cranky” response. I began to text her back when “IT” happened …

My phone literally jumped from my hand, and down into the ice fishing hole. Yep, seriously. The phone jumped right down that 8” hole. I stared in disbelief. There was no way I could have recovered that phone.

I know it jumped, as I have never, ever dropped my phone before. As it sank the 35 feet to the bottom of the freezing water, I started to laugh at the situation. I realized that I had allowed myself to think negatively towards that tenant, and the Universe was getting even.

The men in the ice shack laughed at me hysterically – why did I bring in a phone in the first place? Susan laughed with me, such a good friend!

I believe that the energy you put out (which includes your thoughts, words and actions), come back to you. I immediately knew that this phone experience was to teach me a lesson about gratitude, and hey, it’s just a phone, and I can replace it… hence the belly laugh which ensued.

Shortly it dawned on me.

This was not just a “phone”; it’s my #1 tool that allows us the flexibility to live life as we wish. It holds everything related to both of my businesses. Contacts, texts, photos of properties, rental contracts, everything!

I then made the decision to include my phone as one of my daily thoughts as to what I am grateful for.

Since then, I have thought more about our two businesses. Who or what else should I be acknowledging more often through my words, thoughts and actions?

I am grateful for tenants – and I regularly tell them how much I appreciate them and at Christmas, we acknowledge our best and most loyal tenants with a gift.

I am grateful for our partners. While we own the majority of our properties, our Joint Venture partners, normal people like you, who were sick and tired of worrying about their own financial future; frustrated with the returns on their money from traditional investments, or those who simply wanted to own real estate without any headaches. They gave us not just their money, but they gave us their trust. I am so grateful and honored, by that trust.

Each quarter, we send them their cheques from the Cashflow, and I am grateful again. Yet – I rarely have expressed that gratitude either verbally or in the form of a physical or tangible gift. This year, that is changing, I am making a point to phone and express my appreciation for their trust, and when/if an appropriate tangible gift shows itself, I will be happy to provide that as a gesture of gratitude as well.

I am also grateful for our team. Our team includes professionals, such as our realtor, lawyer, tradesman and handymen. It also includes our family, a few volunteers, our mentors and even those we mentor. For without them, our businesses would not only be much more stressful, but in fact, may not even exist.

Finally, I am grateful to you for reading my blog. Writing gives me the opportunity to reflect and share what I have learned. I have no idea how much longer I will be writing for other people, as my other Cash Flowing Business is also demanding of more time, so I hope you have already or will sign up for my FREE monthly newsletter. If you did not fill out the “pop up” when you first arrived at this site, send me a quick message on the Contact Me button, and I will be happy to add your name and email.

Until next time, be grateful, be appreciative and stay well!


I recently joined into a new Business Venture along with my Coach and Mentor Darren Weeks. It took me a while to investigate and really think through the opportunity and until it occurred to me this simple thought … “I chose Darren as my Mentor, and he is Mentored by Robert Kiyosaki, two of the most Financially Literate people I know.

If Darren thought it was brilliant … why am I hesitating?

I have now been involved for almost two months and I am SO EXCITED to have made the leap of faith. Now that I have proven the business model for myself, I want to make it available to other Success Minded People.

Check out the video Below – and then contact the person who sent you to my website for more info. OR if you ended up here without a referal contact me via this site, and I will get back to you with more information.

I absolutely LOVE THIS BUSINESS and it is available in 43 Countries worldwide and growing.


I admit, I am the MOST reluctant person EVER, when it comes to getting involved in network marketing or MLM’s. Over the years, I have been approached by so many “opportunities” and been invited to so many meetings where they can’t tell me the name, that I just tune out as soon as I hear the word, or think there is even a remote possibility.

In mid August, my mentor Darren Weeks called me and asked me to watch a video, and told me it was a great opportunity. Since I have great faith in him as a Mentor I did as he requested. I checked it out.

Quite frankly, it seemed to be too good to be true.

I then called him back and asked a few questions. It still seemed to good to be true. I spent more time checking it out. Then I ran it by my sister – who has a brilliant mind. She laughed and said, why are you hesitating? Finally, I decided that IF DARREN was in, I should be too. In hindsight, I can’t believe it took me that long!

All I can say is what a Blast! Whooo Hooo! It’s been a fun ride so far, and getting better all the time.

Guess What – I am NOT going to share the opportunity with you here. I will share a very FUNNY video though, that made me look at the opportunity in a very different way. At the end of the video, there is a website link, it IS NOT AFFILIATED with what I am doing, so just ignore it.

After watching the video, if you are interested in what I am doing, Contact me with your name, email address and phone number. I will then send you a 20 minute video that you can check out for yourself.

No pressure from me! Just an opportunity !


My apologies to the many of you who I regularly connect with.  I have been “MIA”, Missing in Action.  No excuses are acceptable, so I won’t even try to make one.  However, I will tell you that my life has gone from Good to AMAZING :)

A couple of updates for you:

We have substantially increased our real estate portfolio, and have some new and great partners in our investments.  All of our current investments are still in Saskatchewan, but I am now looking at something quite different and exciting, more in the future.

The people we work with are typical Canadians in that they have been extremely frustrated by the lack of returns on the RRSP’s, LIRA accounts and other “traditional” type investments.

Other partners have found financial education and have learned that the reality of their future pensions from work, and the savings in the bank are quite literally turning them from potential Freedom 55 to Reality of Freedom 75, and that they are stuck working in their jobs they no longer love, simply to retire at a lower living scale.

Our partners are all pretty happy campers, and if you are ever interested in learning more about what we do, simply make contact and I would be happy to share :)

Stay tuned!







          Jeff and I live in Alberta and we love and have great faith in our Province as an excellent place to invest, in 2008 we decided to look beyond our “Comfort” Zone and into Saskatchewan.  

We looked at all of the indicators of a great place to live and invest such as employment rate, housing availability, price, transportation, infrastructure etc and in particular  ~ where was it on the Real Estate Curve? 

On a scale of 0 – 4, with 0 being an area that is flat-lined, or in a period of virtually no growth and 4 being at the top end of the market, the indicators for Moose Jaw – in 2008 – when we started to invest were at a .5 not quite a 1 but moving in the right direction. 

We love 1 as a starting place – no place to go but up … and with a 1 start, growth is already starting to occur.  No one can really predict HOW fast a property or area will rise, but the economic indicators were quite strong, and although it was at a .5 instead of a 1, we had faith based on the factors we looked at and plain old instinct.

Our first few properties were bought between $ 26,000 and $100,000.  Today they have pretty much doubled in price and moving nicely up the Real Estate Curve.  We will continue to invest in the right properties, until a level of 3 is reached.  That means there is still more growth to come and a great place for us to ride the wave of increasing values.  On this scale rents are good and vacancy rates are low.    

Are we happy?  Oh Yeah… Are our Investors Happy?  Hell Yeah… are they all CashFlowing … of course!  We never buy without that as a “Blue Chip” requirement.  We also rarely raise our tenants rents if they are good tenants, and always raise the rents in between tenants to current market rates.  As a result, all of our properties have performed beautifully :)

Has been buying outside our “Comfort” Zone presented a few challenges?  Of course!  All properties present a few challenges.  However we learned from each challenge we faced and as we grew, we grew our team.  Very quickly the challenges become fewer and the solutions easier and easier.   

Recently Jeff came across this great little video from the website which talks about the City and what is happening today and expected to happen in the future.   What really struck me is how far the City has come in just 4 short years, but more important how much more it is expected to yet grow AND most importantly how the people who once thought we were crazy, are now starting to believe in the city where they live, work and play. 

When we first started to invest outside our “Comfort Zone” many experienced investors questioned our sanity….  truth be told, those that called us crazy, now call us brilliant.  Even the local residents, of whom we were buying from expressed doubt about our vision.  Many were anxious to sell to us, as they thought they were selling at the TOP of the market. 

Your own “inner voice” or lack of “context” will hold you back in life.  Check out this video to see, what is happening in our investment world, simply because we chose to get educated about real estate and push on past our own Comfort Zone so we could move ahead financially. 


PS – We have recently started to invest in another town near Moose Jaw, that is also a 1 on the scale of 0 – 4 … and feel very confident that it will grow expontially as fast as Moose Jaw has.  If you have questions about what we do, or want to get involved, feel free to comment below.  My passion is helping others grow so that they can become financially free and live a life they love too!

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