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Emotion has a lot to do with our bodies and how they operate. 

 Think about a person who is enraged with anger … they turn red, their blood pressure goes up, you can see the veins on their neck pop out … definitely a physical reaction to an emotional situation…   

You have heard the expression “paralyzed with fear”, also a physical reaction to an emotional situation! 

From my own personal experience with massive depression (see December 2010 post), which I now believe is a physical issue caused my an emotional situation ….. I became physically exhausted, I had major headaches and my body felt like crap.  I was so ill, and had so little ability to think, that I finally agreed to try traditional medications for depression, which I normally would have resisted with all my might. 

Although the drugs did work in the short term, they also negatively impacted my physical health … my memory was affected, my body felt like it was “buzzing” and “tingly” and I felt like something was not quite right.  I could not identify what was wrong, but I believed the long term use of these medications was doing more harm than good.  When I stopped taking them, I would slid back into major depression all over again. 

It took me what seemed like forever to start to feel better, even with the drugs, and I started to search for ideas on how to become more positive.  At the same time, a friend asked me to listen to a set of CD’s from “The Global Information Network”* or GIN as it is often nicknamed (No not the beverage – although I was starting to think that drinking might help!) 

As a result of listening to the CD’s, which were about positive thinking and Law of Attraction, I was introduced to a concept of self healing called “Emotional Freedom Technique” (EFT); also commonly referred to as “Tapping”. 

EFT was founded by Dr. Roger Callahan and promoted by both himself and Gary Craig, with results that sounded almost too good to be true. 

I decided to try the technique, since it was easy to do, did not require much time, was free and did not involve the use of medications.

Tapping made a HUGE and an immediate difference in how I felt.  If I had known, and applied the knowledge early on in my depression it may have never developed, or at the least – would have worked itself out within days instead of months. 

I was very excited about my new found “drug free” knowledge.. What else could I try it on??

Migraine headaches??  I used to get stress related migraines so bad that they would put me in bed for hours at a time.  You’ve probably heard of, or know the kind.  My headaches could last hours … Every little noise sounded like a freight train in my head.  Normal daylight caused me searing pain, and ultimately if I did not take major medicatations quickly enough, the migraine even caused vomiting to the point of exhaustion…  not anymore!

I started to use Tapping about 8 months ago.  It is self applied, its free, it takes only a few minutes, and I can Tap anywhere, at any time. 

 I now USE it for EVERYTHING … 

 If I am feeling grumpy, if I start to feel ‘out of sorts’, overwhelmed, or even if I sense a headache coming on, I simply Tap … 

Here is an overview of how tapping works!


Check out the video its only about 5 minutes long, and let me know what you think.  Happy Self Healing!

 * GIN – Global Information Network – if you want to know more about this organization – click the link on the right hand side of my page!